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"Yes-suh," Angel said calmly after Heresy told her to stay put. The door bell oh bless that door bell. "I clean." That was getting annoying but it didn’t matter. As soon as the bitch was out of sight, the door (which evidently she had the key to) was opened and Angel got to work. She heard the supreme like a murmur as she sprayed a rag with the stuff, careful not to get it on skin. She wiped down every drawer and then sprayed the pillow before flipping that. Mambo said that it would only take a little, but Angel was here to get the job done.

Then the house shook some while she screamed and Angel wondered what the fuck happened. She shoved everything back into her bag and quickly, silently got out of the bedroom and locked the door. When she rushed downstairs the sight of the blood and the white doves… they upset her more than the douches made her wanna double over with laughter. She was always saddened by the death of creatures. This was brutal unceremonious killing. Disgusting. “No- No!” Angel said, her accent thick enough now she barely understood herself. “You cause trouble- Triton don’t make mess like this. I get pay for normal clean.” She was making her way to the door. Now that the shock had passed, the douches were so fucking hilarious she was struggling. So hard actually that she didn’t think to react to how that would have humanly happened. All those dead birds and she’d only been upstairs for a second. The thought didn’t cross her mind because she knew. 


"You have King Triton call when he come back—" She said as she slipped her shoes back on. "This too much."

Maleficent looked at this girl and her crow came to her side. They both stood silent as the mistress of all evil contemplated killing her. 

She already had a flock of dead birds all over King Triton’s living room. Maybe a person would be too much?

Damn it all. 



"Yes-suh," Angel said as she watched her point out the rooms. Fuck. She knew what she was supposed to do. Go into the kids room and wipe everything down. That wasn’t going to work and at the moment she was more intimidated by this woman than she was by doing Mambo’s bidding in a different, more unique way. "Does the Triton know you do not want me to clean-uh these rooms? I get pay when I clean whole house." 


Her voice was raising in pitch but she simply looked bewildered. “Would miss feel better if you watch in there too?” The potent poison was mixed in well with strong scented vinegar and cleaner. She was convinced that if she could at least wipe things down then that would be enough, but if Heresy was going to loom she would ‘clean’ every inch of the upper floor. Every toothbrush, every surface, every railing, knob and trinket she found. The job was getting done.

Oh now the girl was just asking for it. “What part of MY room don’t you understand? And-” But she was cut off right when she had had enough of the foreign ignorant and was going to kick her out.



The front doorbell rang again. 

"What is this? Interrupt my life day? You stay right there." She demanded and stormed off to answer the door. 

If she was going to stay here she was going to have to put up a no trespassing and solicitation sign or something. Truly she hated people. 

Then she opened the door. 


First it was just one and Heresy swatted the air as this dove startled her making her duck not expecting a bird, but a person to be standing there. image

Then there were two more. 

"What the?" She stood up to go slam the door. 

Then a whole torrent flock crashed through like a tornado’s gale flinging the door wide open.

Doves everywhere. 

But they did not come empty handed. 

In their little birdy feet they carried the slender end of a douche. image

Hoards and hoards of little purple douche bags and their cleansing product were pummeled into the Triton home and started to pile up on the floor as the birds released them. Some of them even hit Heresy right in the face. 

Oh that was fucking it.


She rose up and blasted the entire flock with a shockwave of green energy that killed dozens upon dozens of stock doves on impact, a loud screech and burst of feathers rained down on her like a busted pillow fight party. 

Then as she regained her composure she saw one last dove flying from outside towards her. How dare it? Let it come. Maleficent made a move to point and aim to kill but she hesitated. She saw it was holding something different. She tried to focus her eyes on it. The bird tossed in the note and it fell at her feet. She magically lifted it and called it to her hand and opened it. 

A Douchbag of your magnitude could cleanse a whale’s vagina. We figured you needed help with yours. 

Love your friendly neighborhood voodoo Laveau’s


That’s also when her last raven flew in to see all avian carcass and feathers. 

That’s when it dawned on her about the doves. Those little asshole voodoo pieces of swamp trash!! They were telling her they were the ones that killed all her ravens and being the nasty asanine little pieces of filth while they

She looked around the mess of douches and dead birds, feathers, and blood soiling King Triton’s living room. 


She screamed at the top of her lungs while the note caught fire in her hands. 

"Mambo Laveauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Curse you! Curse you all to Hell!!" 

Where the Hell was that stupid maid anyway?! She wanted to work? She’d put her to work alright. 


Fucking. Bitch. Angel thought when she answered the door before Angel could let herself in. She looked up at her before nodding vaguely, trying to size the woman up. She understood her, but instead of answering straight Angel instead stared at her for a very long moment. “I clean,” she said. Having not been born or raised in Korea, the only knowledge she had of the accent itself came from Ga Yun and Patch when he was heated and riled up. Still she sold it. “I clean King Triton’s house- he pay for clean house.” 


She bowed her head just slightly before making her way to the kitchen. She could feel the eyes on her while she quickly began moving things around, off the counter and onto the table while she cleaned. She took her time. Hoping that while she worked the Supreme would get bored of watching her work. Maybe it wasn’t even supernatural suspicion. Maybe the bitch was one of those upper classes that Angel fantasized about poisoning just like this. 

What was the harm in wiping everything down with the shit. True, Mambo probably wanted Heresy lucid while her son suffered but truthfully Angel was working hard not to think about it. Instead, she began humming and singing a little under her breath in that same insufferable accent. Happy was an annoying enough song. She did the entire bottom floor this way. Slow, thorough and humming stupid songs she could never escape until she made her way upstairs, wondering if the woman would follow. 

Of course she’d barely speak English too. How annoying. 

"Right, well not my room or my son’s. If you can’t understand that you can get out forget your pay an never work here again-" Then tacked on, "-or at all for that matter."

She may have been in Christopher’s house but she wasn’t going to let any stranger into Diablo or her private spaces. Just wasn’t going to happen.

She did follow her making her appear like a nit picky boss. She didn’t care. She didn’t even know if this girl properly understood her or not. She wanted to point out which rooms were off limits. 

"Stay out of here and here. Understand that?"

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