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Skull Rock - The Witching Hour - Open to Everyone - Please Read Carefully If Your Character Attends

3am. The witching hour drew near. Darkness blanketed Skull Rock. The Neverland Swamps were crowding with witches. It was driving Captain Hook’s supernatural hunting pirates mad. Maleficent had veiled the area with a cloaking spell to keep all witch attendees safe. Maleficent’s minion guards surround the entire radius. All attendees will be accounted for. This will also tell her who didn’t show face. 

If your character is a witch, from the moment your character is within the perimeters of Skull Rock Island where Hook’s pirates live they will be cloaked and invisible to all human eyes. 

If your character is human, whether in the perimeter or out or on the property line, they will not be able to see any witch within the perimeter. If your character sees a witch outside the lines and cross over they will disappear right before their eyes. If they cross into the perimeter they can still be seen by everyone, but will have a blue casted aura that identifies them as human to all witches. If your character was to walk near an invisible person they would not feel them and actually walk right through them. There is one sense left the humans will be able to use. They’ll be able to hear the rally. So they will be able to hear the speech even though they see no one. This is why the pirates are being driven nuts. They know the witches are right there under their noses. 

If your character is a werewolf, vampire, zombie npc’s or a voodooist, your character will be blocked from coming in and stuck on the outside of the perimeter. They will also be able to hear the rally and not see anything. She wasn’t in the mood to deal with some feral nature getting out of hand in the middle of her speech. All loyal witches turned werewolf  or vampire will have to stay at the perimeter to hear the speech and further details will be announced during the speech if they would like to seek audience. 

Exceptions to the rules

If your character is possessed by any spirit, god, loa, demon, phantom, ghost of any kind, the magic is blocked and they will be able to cross no matter what species they are, and hear, and see everything, but they will not be invisible to anyone else, nor will they glow blue like other humans. It’s a glitch in the magic of shield unknown to Maleficent. 

Known character exceptions: Mambo Laveau, Flotsam, Angel, Lucifer, (Not sure if Patch or Jack Skellington might apply here with voodoo skills on Patch or Jack’s ghosts possessing him from his haunted houses.) If there’s anyone else let us know. 

Note: Frollo would be able to identify all exceptions if he shows up and sees them.


Maleficent herself will be seated behind the head of the skull rock and facing out where everyone has gathered in hoards around the island. All witches and any character exceptions will see her and her supernatural minions and raven at her side. 


When all have gathered she will stand and present the speech that leads to all the new decrees and decisions of war after the voodoo attack on the town. 

If your character has shown up, please reblog this starter to show attendance. I’m going to give a day or so for everyone to show up and then Maleficent will stand up and give her speech reply. At that point if anyone’s characters want to respond to her, reacting positive or negatively, that would be the time. If your character wants to seek private audience after we can make separate little scenes for that. Just say so. 

Please remember your characters won’t know of the protective barrier until they arrive ICly, but this your fair warning post so you can plot how you want your characters to approach this one before the actual speech. Think carefully before reblogging this to show attendance because it will identify your character’s species to Maleficent and possibly anyone else in understanding who shows up. It’s a turning point in the game premise and plot for sure. Just remember if they don’t show up they will be considered enemies from that point forward. 

Have fun <3 


Skull Rock in the Neverland Swamps:

((The area of Skull Rock is a beautiful location with lot of caves and caverns to explore. It’s also secluded enough that Hook has been known to take his hostages here to interrogate them. There’s a specific cavern that fills up completely with water when the tide comes in. This is often used for threats to hostages. Tying up a hostage in there brings on impending doom. ))


For All Witches  

Time: The Witching Hour 

Place: Skull Rock

When: Tonight

This meeting is decree and order the of Supreme. 

((Watch for Maleficent’s Open and Important to Witches Post Coming Soon))

Checking up on her minions after the zombie raid. A phone call to her minions - Open to Lucifer & Oogie & Any Other Loyals Out There


"Ok." Lucifer cleaned his throat, looking at the messy bed. He grabbed one of the sheets and brought it close to his face. It smelled like Jason. And blood. Not bad at all. "Me? Oh, no. I’m fine.”

"If you say so. Wonderful. Then I’ll bid you good day and will be seeing you soon if there’s nothing else?". 

(Source: the-maleficent-heresy)

Checking up on her minions after the zombie raid. A phone call to her minions - Open to Lucifer & Oogie & Any Other Loyals Out There


"Sure. I’ll be there, as you wish, milady. All I need to know is when. And where." There was a small pause. Public support, alright. “Is there anything else?”

"The witching hour, Skull Rock in the Never swamps. Be there." Then as Lucifer asked if she needed anything else she felt something, "Do you need anything else?” 

(Source: the-maleficent-heresy)

Checking up on her minions after the zombie raid. A phone call to her minions - Open to Lucifer & Oogie & Any Other Loyals Out There


Lucifer’s eyes narrowed a little. “Yes, I’m alive. I’m okay.” he bit down his bottom lip. “Cinderella is okay too. I took her out of town. And… as the lady probably know, Wynter went with us.” Lucifer looked down to his hand, still covered by bandages. They hurt a little when he moved his fingers. He wished he could remember how they ended that way. But there was only darkness… and emptiness. “The lady needs me?” Lucifer asked, eyeing his reflex in the mirror again. “Is there anything I can do?”

"I’m very well aware of Zero’s road trip among other things he’s been doing that he did not seek permission to do. But, yes there will be a meeting soon, a rally. I expect you to be there. This will give you away as a human who knows what witches are if you have any ignoramus witches who are still under the delusion magic doesn’t exist after that zombie raid on our town. It’s time to band together. I expect your public support."

(Source: the-maleficent-heresy)

Checking up on her minions after the zombie raid. A phone call to her minions - Open to Lucifer & Oogie & Any Other Loyals Out There


"You should slow down, Tremaine."

"Fuck off." Lucifer mumbled, leaning down to snort the whole line of white powder. When he glanced up, the look the other boy’s eyes was more entertained than worried. "Or better saying, fuck me." Jason was good at fucking, always hard and good. But not even Jason and his wonderful dick would give what he was looking for. Not all the zombies were gone, at the end. As he stared at the hotel room’s ceiling while Jason fucked him, Lucifer felt like a lifeless corpse animated by some kind of wicked magic. The coke wasn’t working. Neither Jason’s dick. The emptiness was still there. 

When Lucifer looked at Jason’s focused face, he felt pity of him.

Poor idiot. You’re fucking a corpse.

That was when the phone started to ring. Lucifer reached to turn it off but stopped halfway when he saw who was calling.

"Who’s that?" Jason asked, slowing down with his hips.




Jason got out of him and Lucifer stood up, walking to the bathroom. He stared at his expressionless face in the mirror and picked up the phone. “Milady.”

Maleficent honestly wondered if Lucifer would answer at all. He was so very human after all. A delighted smirk crossed her features when she heard his familiar tone and poise. 

"Lucifer love. I am rather glad to hear your voice still alive. You answered my question by answering the phone. I was worried after the zombie attack." 

(Source: the-maleficent-heresy)

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